Elitech ECS-180NEO Temperature Controller

Tempe Controller ECS-180neo

ECS-180 Neo temperature controller could be used in the middle and low temperature medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet, supermarket split cabinet, air curtain cabinet, island counter, wine cabinet, etc.
The controller adopts building block design concept and users could select defrost, fan, light/external alarm according to their demand.
The function of evaporator sensor, condenser sensor, door switch and buzzer is optional.
Refrigeration relay output could reach to 30A/240VAC, which could directly drive single-phase 1.5Hp compressor.
Large panel of color digital tube, work status symbol display, temperature display resolution is 0.1, the front panel waterproof level IP65.
It has temperature sensor self-test function, and once test the failures, it has multiple protection and alarm methods.
Copy card function, convenient for the manufacturing and after-sale service of equipment manufacturers.
Temperature measuring unit could switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
With the function of Synchronous defrost switch signal detection, and it could form the network of real-time clock Synchronous defrost.
Cabinet temperature over limit alarm has two modes: absolute value and relative value.
Light/external alarm relay could be selected by the software, and when select the function of external alarm relay, it could connect the remote alarm bell.
If select to install standby power supply access unit, it could realize the function of off-power detection and alarm.
With the complete control logic of hot-gas defrost start without the pressure difference in the refrigerant pipe, to prevent starting with the pressure, for the purpose of a longer compressor life.


1) Measuring range:-50℃~90℃ or -58℉~194℉(only when sensor calibration is set as 0)
2) Resolution:0.1℃ or 1℉
3) Accuracy:-40℃~50℃,±1℃,51℃~70℃,±2℃,others, ±3℃
           or -40℉~122℉,±2℉,123℉~158℉,±4℉,others,±6℉
4) Controlling range:-50℃~85℃ or -58℉~185℉
5) Power supply: 220±10 %( VAC)  50/60Hz
6) Power consumption:<3W
7) Input: Cabinet sensor, evaporator sensor, door switch
(When door is open, sensor signal: normal open) 8) Front panel waterproof level:IP65
9) Work ambient temperature:0℃~55℃
10) Storage temperature:-25℃~75℃
11) Relative humidity:20%~85%(non condensing)

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