Elitech MTC-6040 temperature controller

The product is widely used in cool cabinets, medicine cabinets, foodstuff freezers,agricultural greenhouses ,medicine refrigerators,etc.
+Product size: 100*51.5*73.5 (mm)
+Mounting size:92.5*43 (mm)temperature controller main
Main features:
+Equipped with Honeywell sensors of high accuracy-5%RH (Max), the
controller can accurately control humidity;
+Door switch alarm; temperature I humidity over limit alarm; in complete conformity with GSP medical standard;
+Double screens to display temperature and humidity information;simple operation,no menus!
Technical parameters:
+Power supply: 230VAC±10%, 50/60HZ;
+Temperature measuring range: -40℃-80℃
(Only when sensor calibration value is set as 0℃
+Temperature control range: -50℃-50℃;
+Temperature accuracy:±0.5℃ (O℃-40℃ ); 1℃(others);
+Humidity measuring range: 0-100%,±3%RH;
+Humidity accuracy: 1%RH;
+Temperature resolution: 0.1℃;
+Terminal output capacity: 16N250VAC for cooling;7N250VAC for fan;7N250VAC for the third relay;
+Front panel waterproof level: IP65;
+Rear shell waterproof level: no;
+Ambient temperature: O℃ -55℃;
+storage temperature:-25℃ -75℃;
+storage humidity:20%-85% (non-condensing).

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