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Industry Leader for Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

Founded in 1996, Elitech is dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of products for freezing and refrigeration industry and providing remote cold chain solutions. It has eight business units,two overseas sales and R&D institutes. In Elitech, we have over 170 professional engineers who develop more than 100 new data logger products every year. Elitech owns 80 authorized patents including 30 software patent.

Elitech has passed certifications of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, TS16949:2009 and OHSAS18001:2011. Products have passed CE, UL and VDE certification and completely comply with directives of RoHS, WEEE, EUP, REACH, etc.

Elitech Log is one of the eight Eitech Business Units, providing single/multi-use temperature data logger, temperature & humidity data logger, NFC data logger, wireless data logger, and refrigerated truck data logger. The data loggers can form a complete monitoring network. All the loggers are simple and easy to use, effectively reduces misoperation. Data can be undated in time on Elitech-Cloud and convenient for users to view and download. We also provide cloud-based software solutions, OEM and ODM service. With over 40 professional R&D engineers, Elitech Log can quickly meet customers’ ODM demands. With multiple modernized dedicated production lines, 20 years’ manufacturing experience and powerful production capacity of 10,000 loggers every day, Elitech Log can quickly meet customers’ OEM demands.

We serve the industry of food/food safety, food cold chain, pharmaceutical storage and transport, life sciences, temperature-sensitive commodities, involving the companies that are engaged in processing, manufacturing, storage, transport, etc. We also provide calibration services that are verified by the third party and can be used to support compliance, traceability, validation and quality assurance plan, even assist in identifying temperature abuse as evidence of insurance claims.

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2016.8:Elitech New factory Ground breaking Ceremony was held

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on August 31 to mark the beginning of construction on Elitech’s new factory, which covers an area of 70000m², four times the size of the existing factory, and will put into use in 2017. All the new production workshop will adopt the most advanced equipment and significantly improve productivity.

2016:World’s First Injection Molding Data Logger RC-55 Launched into Market

World’s first injection molding data logger RC-55 launched into market, turning a new page by its leading technology, waterproof design, reliable quality and innovative concept.

2015:Elitech was Endorsed by Chinese National Food Industry Association

We were recognized as the “Demonstration Base of China’s Food Cold Chain Logistics Technology” by China National Food Industry Association and ranked as 2014 User’s Choice of China Cold Chain Equipment. This suggested Elitech had been accepted and favored by users and the industry. It drove Elitech to create good products as always.

2015:We opened a sales branch in London and a R&D team in Silicon Valley

To closely understand the customer’s need and timely seize market information we opened a sales branch in London and a sales and R&D branch in Silicon Valley. This accelerated Elitech’s internationalization.

2014:We became a drafter of China Cold Chain Temperature Logger

Backed by 10 years’ experience and good reputation, we became a drafter of China Cold Chain Temperature Logger standard, setting the leader status in the industry.

2013:We marked Elitech First Refrigerated Truck Data Logger

We marketed our first refrigerated truck data logger, widely accepted by users thanks to its usability, quality and appearance.

2012:Elitech Built E-cloud for Users

We built E-cloud for users to query and download data conveniently via mobile APP. This was a turning point of our sales from hardware to software.

2011:We Developed First Internet of Things Monitor

To advance with global Internet development and follow users’ habits we developed our first Internet of Things monitor, convenient for users to view and download data on PC and mobile phone.

2010:New brand “Elitech” was Born

Our new brand and logo Elitech was born. It accurately interprets our value: advocate science & technology and innovation, respect craftsman’s spirit, pursue fineness and precision, strive for perfection.

2008:Elitech Mini Ultra-thin Data Logger Went to Market

Our first Mini ultra-thin data logger went to market with its design and manufacture process far better than similar products.

2006:We invested $1,500,000 on Testing Equipments

To further improve and effectively control product quality in every links from incoming components to low-rate initial production, we invested 150USD to purchase professional test equipment. We became the only company.

2002:Our First Data Logger DR-100 Born

Our first data logger DR-100 was born with temperature logging and field printing functions. It could ensure the authenticity and traceability of data within one year.

2001:We Get ROHS Compliant

All of our products were ROHS compliant. We take it as our social responsibility providing safe, reliable and healthy products.

2000:we passed the ISO9001 and CE certifications

As a senior engineer, our founder pursues 100% perfection of product quality, so became the first ISO9001 registered company in the industry in China. CE certified, our products were sold to European Union market.

1996:KI and BNT was Founded in Xuzhou

KI&BNT was founded in Xuzhou, Jiangsu with 4 staff.