The elitech manufacturer new product  ATC-800+ Temeprature Controller on ebay sale ,ATC-800+ Temeprature Controller is the upgrade product of the STC-1000,it same used in aquatic animals and wine.

ATC800+temeprature controller

Easy to Program and Use:

-Wire the controller to the heating or cooling system that requires regulating;
-Set your required temperature;
-Set the temperature difference (between 1-5°)
-Switch the controller and system on
-Sit back, safe in the knowledge that the micro computer controller will do all the hard work for you!

-Strictly distinguish the sensor down-lead, power wire and output relay interface from another, and prohibit wrong connections or overloading the relay
-Prohibit connecting the wire terminals without electricity cut off.


Prohibit using the machine under the environment of over damp, high temperature, strong electromagnetism interference or strong corrosion.


-The power supply should conform to the voltage value indicated in the instruction.
-To avoid the interference, the sensor down-lead and power wire should be kept in a distance.
-Please note that the controller will only act as a relay switch for your heater/cooler - it will not supply electric power directly from the terminals.
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