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Elitech is Asia refrigeration temperature measurement and control in the field of leading enterprises, China's thermostat drafting unit metrological verification procedures,According to the jingchuang marketing director zhang fei, the new English name "elitech" belong to an own word, it is taken from "elite" and "technology" two English words. Chinese interpretation of the "Elite" to "Elite", "technology" Chinese meaning for "science and technology, technology". And from the above two words "elitech" is the moral of "elite of science and technology, scientific and technological elite. "Elitech" is on the basis of inheriting the jingchuang brand assets have been established, in the development and sublimation, and coincide with the jingchuang has always been adhering to the enterprise management concept of "excellence, innovation of science and technology", very appropriate, this also is the jingchuang final choice of the main causes of the brand identity. Part through to the domestic and foreign customers of sampling survey, the vast majority of customers think the brand logo is easy to identify, read and write fluent, and have a good brand meaning, very accord with the requirement of fine step in global brand operation.