"Internet +"write to prime minister li keqiang's government work report,in 2015.At the same time,Smell the Internet CEOs are also under the vision of "Internet +" in succession,This innovation model was born by the mobile Internet the Denver nuggets,in raising the thermostat industry overall economic benefits at the same time, also in promoting the industry change.
The Elitech UK company headquarters jingchuang electrical company in China is the biggest temperature controller manufacturers, it had combines the Internet and offline,greatly shorten the time.For example ,you buy a temperature date logger from us in China ,the courier fees very very expensive,now you can buy it from our online shop or email to us from our website directly,we will help you shipped from the United States as soon as possible, shorten the time, but also save the courier fee.
The another advantage is that the product (temperature controller,temperature date logger)will cheaper than ever before.