Elitech PG-20 digital pressure gauge

Warning: Wear safety goggles when working with refrigerants. Refrigerants can cause eye injury.
Disconnect hoses using extreme caution , Pressurized refrigerant may be present in hoses. Point hoses away from you and anyone nearby.
The gauge can test pressure and temperature, featuring backlight, manual calibration, auto-off, units shift, low battery indicator, etc. With battery life up to six months, the gauge is applied for monitoring pressure of pipelines and pressure vessels in refrigerant and maintenance.


- Pressure measuring range: -0.100 ~ 5.000MPa
temperature measuring range: -20°C ~70°C
Operating temperature and humidity:10°C ~60°C; 35% ~ 85%RH
-Resolution: pressure :0.001MPa; temperature 0.1°C
-Accuracy: pressure :±5%FS (22°C ~ 28°C); temperature 0.1°C
Battery life: six months
-Power supply: 3V CR2450 button cell
Sampling Period:1.2s
Battery Indicator: displays “LOB” at low battery
Display:30mm*15mm LCD/green back-light auto-off after 6s
Measurement Units:MPa
Out-of-Range Alarm: pressure:FULL
Warranty: one year

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