Elitech Temp Logger Win:For all Windows operation systems, compatible with RC-5, RC-5+, GSP-6, RC-4, RC-4HC, RC-51 & RC-51H data loggers.
Elitech Temp Logger Mac:For Mac operation system, compatible with all temperature data loggers.

Installation Instructions:
1. USB Data Loggers
(1) Models: TemLog20, TemLog20H, RC-51, RC-51H, Loget6, loget8f, loget8s, RC-5+, RC-18, RC-19, MSL-51, MSL-51H, TemLogST5.
(2) The software runs after the data logger is connected to a computer. Data can be transmitted between the software and the data logger.
2. COM Data Loggers
(1) Models: RC-4, RC-4HA, RC-4HC, RC-5, RC-61, GSP-6
A driver is required to be installed for data transmission.
(2) For models RC-4/HA/HC, the file "Silicon Labs VCP Driver Installer" in the folder "driver/RC-4" is required to be installed.
(3) For models RC-5, RC-61, GSP-6, the file "CH34x_Install_V1.4" in the folder "driver/RC-5/RC-6/GSP-6" is required to be installed.
3. After setup completed, restart the computer and run ElitechLog in the installation file.
4. The computer system version must be 10.10 and above.
If the system version is below 10.10, please update it first. Repeat above operation for installation.





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