Elitech RC-51H PDF USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

RC-51H is temperature and humidity data logger. RC-51H is temperature data logger.

RC-51H temperature and humidity data logger is mainly used in the fields of medicine, food, science, flowers, breeding industry, ice chest, container, shady cabinet, medical cabinet, refrigerator, laboratory and greenhouse, etc.

RC-51H is designed with USB model, which you can plug and play in easily. It can generate the data report automatically, without installing data management software. The data can still be read even if the battery runs out.

1.Generate PDF report automatically.
2.Multiple alarm indication.
3.High protection grade, wide range of applications.
4.High accuracy sensor with long-term stability property.
5.USB port, plug and play easily.
6.32000 recording point. After run out, it can be restored by software setting.
7.2 years’ battery life.

1 RC-51H temperature and humidity data logger
1 Instruction

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