GSP-6 temperature and humidity data logger

GSP-6 temperature and humidity data

This data logger is mainly used to record the temperature and humidity of food ,pharmaceuticals and chemicals , etc .in the storage and transportation .It is widely applicable to each link in storage and logistics of cold chain, such as refrigerated container , refrigerator truck , cooler bag ,coo cabinet ,medicine cabinet ,cold storage ,laboratory ,etc.
This data logger conforms to GSP standard of new edition. It has one big LCD screen, a button ,an external temperature sensor and an external humidity sensor . With two modes to save data :full record stop and cyclic record, the data logger has the function of over limit sound-light alarm .It can also automatically shorten the record , interval in case of over temperature and humidity limit. Two pieces of built-in magnets are convenient to fix the data logger onto metal material surface.
GSP-6 Temperature  Humidity data logger
Technical parameters
Temperature measuring range:-40℃~85℃
Temperature accuracy:±0.5℃(-20℃~40℃;±0.1℃(other)
Humidity range:10%~99%
Humidity accuracy:±3%RH(25℃,20%~90%RH);±5%RH(other)
Resolution :temperature 0.1℃,humidity 0.1%RH
Record capacity:16000 points (max)
Record interval:10sec~24 hour continuously set
Data interface :USB
Power supply :sigle-use 3.6V lithium battery or powered via USB
Battery life: two years at room temperature with 15minutes record interval and buzzer alarm disabled
Ambient temperature:-30℃~70℃.At low temperature environment , the LCD screen displays normal record but a little slowly . It will display data normally when the ambient temperature returns to normal.
GSP-6 Temperature  Humidity data logger
Size:118(L)*61.5(W)*19(L) (mm)
Note: when you first use the data logger, install the data management software
Temperature measuring range  -40℃~+85℃(-40℉~185℉)
Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃/0.9℉(-20℃~40℃); ±1℃/1.8℉(other)
Humidity measuring range 10%~99%
Humidity accuracy ±3%RH (25℃, 20%~90%RH), ±5%RH (other)
Resolution 0.1℃ (temperature), 0.1%RH (humidity)
Record interval 10 sec ~ 24 hr
Memory capacity 16000 points (MAX)
Display multi-function LCD and indicator
Operating mode single button
Alarm enabled, via LCD, indicator and buzzer
Sensor external temperature and humidity
Data interface  USB 2.0
Data management software supports WIN XP/7/8/10 and exports reports in AI and Excel format
Power supply 3.6V lithium battery, replaceable
Size 118 (L) * 61.5 (W) * 19 (H) mm
Weight 110g

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