RCW-800A Web Based Temperature Monitoring

Elitech RCW –800A web based temperature monitoring is a high-tech equipment based on the internet of things technology. It features a clear LCD screen that displays system time, record points, signal strength, humidity and temperature.
For real-time and seamless information access, Elitech RCW web based temperature monitoring equipment uses a 3G network in WCDMA system. Users can remotely access data via cloud platform and this enhances efficiency in a cold chain management system.
No need for complex networking systems or software installation. You can access most functionalities with an independent parameter setting via short message.
To achieve optimal performance, Elitech web based temperature monitoring features over-limit alarm, power on/outage reminder, timing SMS push, data statistics and analysis. This enables users to make informed decisions during storage or transportation of products.
Elitech has designed this web based temperature monitoring equipment to solve human errors. This guarantees accuracy, increases ROI and eliminates the dangers associated with inaccurate data.
Elitech web based temperature monitoring’s free settable alarm threshold and multi alarm modes makes it a perfect choice for most sensitive applications. It can be used in food cold chain, cold storage, research institutions, laboratories, etc.
Power supply 5V/2.5A(DC)
Temperature measuring range  -40℃~+70℃
Temperature accuracy ±1.0℃(0℃~40℃); ±1℃( -25℃~0℃);±2℃( others)
Humidity measuring range 10%~99%
Humidity accuracy ±5%RH
Temperature  Sensor NTC
Humidity Sensor Honeywell
Record cycle 1 min to 24H continuously settable
Record capacity 20,000 points for each channel(Max)
Date export via USB in csv or txt
Bettery life above 24 HR
Communicaterion interface 3G,SMS
Alarm output indicator,short message,phone call and buzzer
Stand-by bettery 3.7V lithiem battery
Applicable environment  
Temperature  -10℃~+45℃
Humidity 0%~80%
Indoor use only, prohibited from exposure to rain and sun

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